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How do I Get a Business Registration Certificate in Vietnam?

 How do I Get a Business Registration Certificate in Vietnam?

Each association and individual wishing to set up an unfamiliar claimed organization in Vietnam will have to meet a few particulars conditions as declared under the Law on Venture and Regulation on Big business. The investor will also need to check with the law governing the investment area in certain areas that are being considered as conditional investments. The investor must submit an application for business registration once the investment registration certificate is completed.

The following is a description of the procedure for applying for a certificate of enterprise registration for a limited liability company or joint stock company with two or more members:


i) Application form for enterprise registration

ii) The company’s charter.

iii) A list of founding shareholders and shareholders being foreign investors/ a list of capital contribution members.

iv) Valid copies of:

Copies of the ID cards or other forms of identification for individuals who are founding shareholders and foreign investors or members; list of organizations that are authorized representatives of foreign shareholders.

The decision to establish the organization, the business registration certificate, or another similar document, along with the authorization letter; the identification cards or other forms of identification used by organizations' authorized representatives, such as founding shareholders and foreign investors.

A copy of the certificate of business registration or an equivalent document must be notarized, legalized, and authenticated if the shareholders are foreign organizations.

The foreign investors' Certificate of Investment registration, as required by the Investment Law.

State Authority: Business registration office of the province where the enterprise’s headquarters is situated.

Period: within 03 working days from the full receipt of the dossiers

Result: Business enrollment office will give the authentication of big business enlistment or on the other hand on the off chance that the application isn't palatable, business enrollment office will advise the candidate regarding important corrections and supplementation to organization.

The government of Vietnam generally supports direct foreign investment. In the event that the financial backer countenances difficulties at state authority, whom don't give notice or solicitation of supplementation to the application for big business enrollment, the financial backer virus hold up a grievance as endorsed by guidelines of regulation on protests and reprimand to the state power to safeguard its right in carrying on with work and interest in Vietnam. The investor could benefit from the assistance of a law firm in Vietnam with expertise in both business registration certificate and dispute resolution.

The venture is qualified for carry on with work from the issuance date of the endorsement of big business enlistment. Businesses are permitted to participate in conditional business lines if they meet all requirements and are able to maintain compliance with those requirements throughout their operations.

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